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Horizon Cremation has submitted plans for a new crematorium to serve the people living to the west of Doncaster. Situated just outside Conisbrough on the A630 Doncaster Road, the new crematorium would relieve pressure on Rose Hill Crematorium in Doncaster but also on the crematoria at Rotherham and Barnsley, all of which are struggling to cope with demand.

Most of the site would remain green with a formal garden for memorials set behind a screen of trees and meadowland. Horizon has undertaken an ecological survey and there is a great opportunity to ‘re-wild’ the area and allow it to once again become the home to bats, birds, invertebrates and a wide variety of plant species.

The building has been designed to fit into its landscape. Just one storey high at the side nearest the road, the building would sweep up as the land falls away allowing a double height picture window in the ceremony room which would frame south westerly views across the surrounding countryside and flood the building with light.

The walls would be clad mostly in larch but the roofs, which would be the feature most visible from Doncaster Road would be planted with Sedum, giving it a living ‘green’ roof and making the building sit unobtrusively in its landscape.

Horizon Director Stephen Byfield said, “We have had a very positive response from local people who largely agree that the facility is much needed. We are very hopeful we can convince Doncaster Council of the logic of building a new crematorium on this site.”