What Sets Us Apart

Horizon wants to improve the normal experience of a crematorium funeral service. We think it’s about two things: focusing on the funeral and good building design.

Too many crematoria are so busy there is not time to focus on the funeral

We do things differently:
  • Horizon standard services are one-hour long – plenty of time for a service that doesn’t feel rushed.
  • The coffin is front and centre of proceedings – not at the side of the chapel, or in an alcove.
  • We employ only the best people and choose them based on their empathy, experience and efficiency… but empathy always comes first.
Our crematoria are different to almost all others in the country.
  • Where the setting allows, we build large picture windows behind the coffin.
  • We have large waiting rooms so those attending a funeral can shelter from the weather as they wait for the service to start.
  • Our buildings are designed so those leaving a service do not bump into those arriving for the next one.
What Sets Us Apart