Our Crematoria and Proposed Sites

Horizon is building crematoria in areas of proven need, improving the service offered to thousands of people each year and easing demand on existing, over-stretched, facilities. We build distinctive designs reflecting the best architecture in each community and using local materials. We create calm, tranquil places for people to reflect and remember.

Recently Opened

Clyde Coast & Garnock Valley Crematorium

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The latest development

Cannock Crematorium

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Horizon has several other sites in England, Wales and Scotland at various stages of planning.

East Renfrewshire

Our crematorium would be the first in East Renfrewshire and would serve the community of south Glasgow.

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Sitting to the west of Newport our facility at Bassaleg will ease pressure on existing crematoria.

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Land Acquisition

Do you own a suitable site and want to see it developed for a facility that will benefit your community? We are looking for eight to ten-acre sites with good road access. Rural locations are preferred and we need a population of 150,000 people within a 30-minute drive. Click below to get in touch.